Fire King Expo
Written by Stephen Moniz
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It's Friday night before the show. What show? Only the 3rd Annual Fire King Expo in Tulsa Oklahoma.  Only the biggest and best show of the year, the show that FireKing collectors dream about the other 364 days of the year.
The year 2000 extravaganza took place on May 6th and 7th at the Tulsa State Fairgrounds.  Set up was on Thursday and Friday, and dealers have been arriving from all parts of the country to take part in the show.  The weather had been good - in the 70's - for all of the drive out from New York.  Tonight the skies opened up and let loose with much rain and thunder.
Saturday morning: I'm getting ready for the trip to the show and the radio is announcing that because of last nights rains some roads are unpassable and  stay home if you don't have to go out. Well I guess no one told that to the collectors of Fire King. I don't how many people came but I do know they came from 30 different states. People came from California to Florida to New York. It was non stop selling all day. There were 21 dealers from 11 states selling Fire King, Anchor Hocking, A to Z Depression Glass and even Pyrex. All the dealers are doing very well - and the customers couldn't be happier.
The rarest of the rare was there. A Jadeite Manhattan Tilt Ball Pitcher. I didn't even ask the price. A very rare Jadeite Kimberly Mug was there. It's too bad it wasn't for sale because I would have taken it home!  Gene & Cathy Florence were there. Gene previewed his new Fire King Book #2 which everyone was purchasing. Dale Kilgo and Gail Wilkins were also there, selling many treasure that were originally pictured in their 2 books. It was great to be able to buy a piece of Fire King pictured in the very first hard covered book, a piece of Fire King history. There were also 13 different displays, one better than the next.
Sunday:  Sales are almost as good as Saturday's were, with many customers coming back for a second go around. "Customers;" it was more like old friends because it seemed to be that everyone knew each other from the Internet's "Round Robin" or the "Fire King Classified" or from the last expo. A great time was had by all.
On behalf of all the Fire King collectors who attended the show, and from all those who were there in spirit, I would like to thank Shirley Moore and Sarah Van Dale the promoters of the show for an excellent job well done.  Until next year, may all your treasures be Fire King ones.
Steve Moniz, proprietor of Green With Envy Glass, is a long time
collector of jadeite and specializes in Fire King glassware.