Heisey Rose
A Rose by any other name, but Heiey, is not a Rose
Written by Leonette A. Walls, Ed. D.
One of my recent "gifts" was a copy of the 1956 Heisey Glass Company Catalog.  What a treat to see an accurate listing of items by this producer of fine glassware. As a student of glass and a lover of Heisey glassware, I drooled over the pages of beautiful pieces. Included among the listings was Hesiey's Rose pattern.  This pattern pales in the spotlight of collectors' preferences compared to such patterns as Plantation, Empress, Orchid Etching, and the list goes on.  However, more Rose pieces seem to be making appearances at glass shows.
The Heisey Collectors of America, Inc. of Newark, Ohio, published an excellent booklet in 1983 by Neila Bredhoft on Heisey Rose. In this great reference, detailed listings of the items produced are included as well as the background story of the plate etching designed by Jane Phillips. Heisey Rose was a contemporary design of Wildflower and Rosepoint by Cambridge , Fostoria's Navarre and Heather, and other etchings of the early 1950's. Rose line items were extensive, encompassing a full line of accessory items as well as stemware.
With its original production date of 1949, Rose was made only in crystal. The line consisted of a full array of stemware and accessory pieces. It should be noted that Imperial made some items after the closing of Heisey in 1957. The Rose etching can be found on Queen Ann, Waverly, Fern, Plantation, Cabochon and other miscellaneous items. Rose etching was also found on a variety of candlesticks, vases, jugs, ice buckets and bar ware.
The Hesiey Company ceased operation in 1957, but Imperial continued to fill orders until 1969. With the  quality that Imperial produced, distinguishing between the two producers is probably not feasible; plus, most collectors are not bothered by the mixture of the Imperial items with Heisey.
Yes, as Hesiey ads read:
Never a rose like Heisey "Rose".