In mid 2005, I notice that a "new" style of Jadite Canister was working it's way onto EBAY, getting some pretty good bucks per piece and many times being listed as "McKee" glass. With Aluminum lids, the canisters were being sold with Flour and Sugar being a larger size, Tea and Coffee being the medium size, and Salt and pepper being a smaller size.  All of a sudden -- HOLD IT --- there were also Corn Meal and Rice in the medium size.  Corn Meal???????? WHOA!!!! Then instead of just a few random hits by a small number of "dealers", there was listed at one time 137 of these items separately, with a couple of people having the whole set. Now I've seen where a dealer can get an old warehouse find, or get a dealers/collectors collection of Jadite, or even have run across a rare stash still in a store. But 137 of these listings. NO, NO, NO!!   REPRODUCTION.


    I cannot find the maker of these pieces, no one will talk as to whom makes it....I have a sneaking suspicion it's an OHIO glass concern, but until I can visit them an substantiate that, will hold the name to myself. The pieces are shown below that you can bring up on EBAY and look too - they all seem to have rays in the bottom and the lettering is in Black on each piece:
Submitted by Mark Rossman, NJ