Glass Collector Clubs & Organizations

Below is a list of glass organizations and collectors clubs. Some are specific to a company of manufacture or type of glass,
while others are geographically located. But all are dedicated to education about and preservation of the glass we love.  
If you know of others not listed, please email us.

Akro Agate Art Association - J. Bourque, Box 758, Salem NH 03079

    Akro Agate Collectors Club, Inc. - 10 Bailey Street, Clarksburg WV 26301

Aladdin Knights of the Mystic Light

    National Association of Aladdin Lamp Collectors

American Cut Glass Association

Antique & Art Glass Salt Shaker Collector's Society, Inc.

Antique Glass Salt & Sugar Shaker Club

Art Alliance for Contemporary Glass

Art Glass Guild of Southern California

Association of Collecting Clubs

Blenko Glass Collectors

    Blenko Collectors Society


        1st Chicago Bottle Club

        Antique Bottle Collectors of Colorado

        Baltimore Antique Bottle Club

        Deland Florida M-T Bottle Club Association

        Delmarva Antique Bottle Club
        Empire State Bottle Collectors Association

        Federation of Historic Bottle Collectors

        Findlay Antique Bottle Club of Ohio

        Genesee Valley Bottle Collectors Association
        Greater Buffalo Bottle Collectors Association

        Hawaii Bottle Club

        Huron Valley Bottle & Insulator Club

        Jersey Shore Bottle Club

        Kalamazoo Antique Bottle Club

        Los Angeles Historical Bottle Club

        Little Rhody Bottle Club

        Merrimack Valley Antique Bottle Club

        Midwest Antique Fruit Jar & Bottle Club

        Mohawk Valley Antique Bottle Club

        New Jersey Antique Bottle Club

        Oregon Bottle Collectors Association

        Phoenix Antiques, Bottles & Collectibles Club

        Piedmont Bottle & Pottery Club

        Richmond Area Bottle Club

        South Carolina Bottle Club

        Tri-State Bottle Collectors and Diggers Club, Inc

        Washington Bottle & Collectors Association

Cambridge Glass - National Cambridge Collectors, Inc.

    Cambridge Miami Valley Study Group

    Cambridge Collectors of North Texas - Contact: S. Pierce (817) 427-9510 eves

Canadian Glass Collectors Association

Carder Steuben Club     


        Air Capitol Carnival Glass Club

        American Carnival Glass Association

        L'Association Du Verre Carnaval du Quebec

        Australian Carnival Glass Enthusiasts

        Canadian Carnival Glass Association

        Carnival Glass Collectors Association of Australia

        The Carnival Glass Society UK

        Carnival Glass Society of Australia (SA)

        Heart of America Carnival Glass Association

        International Carnival Glass Association, Inc.

        New England Carnival Glass Association

        Northern California Carnival Club

        Pacific Northwest Carnival Glass Club

        Tampa Bay Carnival Glass Club

        Texas Carnival Glass Club

        Woodsland World Wide Carnival Glass Association

Contemporary Glass Society, UK

Custard Glass Collectors Society - Port St. Lucie, FL Contact:Michael Coulon

Czech Collectors Association


        20 - 30 - 40 Glass Society of Illinois

        Arkansas Glasshoppers

        Bay Area Glass Society - Contact Mr. Lee Jones, PO Box 460051, San Francisco, CA 94146

        Big Apple Depression Glass Club - Albertson, NY 11507 Big Apple DG Club

        Big 'D'Pression Glass Club - Texas, Contact Ellen Evans

        Canadian Depression Glass Association

        City of Five Flags Depression Glass Club - Pensacola, FL Contact: Madelynn Deason (904) 433-7722

        Crescent City Depression Glass Society      

        Del-Mar-Va Depression Glass Club

        Depression Era Glass Society of Wisconsin - Contact: Katie Goebel (262) 376-9874

        Depression Glass Club of Greater Rochester NY

        Garden State Depression Glass Club - Edison, NJ Garden State DG Club

        Gateway Depressioneers Glass Club

        Great Lakes Depression Glass Collectors Club

        Greater Tulsa Depression Era Glass Club - Contact: Ted Bernklau

        Green River Depression Era Glass Club - WA. Contact: K. Larsson (253) 852-5250

        Hazelnut Depression Glass Club - Contact: H. Kettlewell, 129 Southcliff Dr., Findlay, OH 45840

        Heart of America Glass Collectors

        Hoosier Glass & Pottery Club

        Houston Glass Club

        Hudson Valley Depression Glass Club - NY, Contact: Diane Sewall (845) 473-3898

        Illinois-Missouri Glass & China Club - Contact: (618) 632-9067 

        International Depression Glass Club

        Iowa Depression Glass Club

        Liberty Bell Glass Club (PA)

        Lincoln Land Depression Era Glass & Pottery Club (IL)

        Long Island Depression Glass Society (NY)

        Low Country Depression Glass Club - Summersville, SC Contact: Tracy Miller (803) 875-9903

        Manitoba Depression Glass Club - Canada, Contact: A. Fempel (204) 857-3066

        Michigan Depression Glass Society 

        Midwest Glass & Pottery Club       

        Northeast Florida Depression Glass Club

        North Jersey Depression Glass Club

        Nutmeg Depression Glass Club (CT)

        Old Dominion Depression Glass Club - Burke, VA Contact: David McInturff

        Peach State Depression Glass Club
        Permian Basin Depression Glass Club - Odessa, TX Contact: (915) 332-0851

        Pike's Peak Depression Glass Club

        Portland's Rain of Glass

        Rocky Mountain Depression Glass Society

        Seven Hills Depression Glass - Lynchburg, VA  Contact: M. Franklin (804) 929-5815

        South Florida Depression Glass Club

        Sparkling Clearwater Depression Glass Club (FL)

        Tarheel Depression Glass Club - Hillsborough, NC Contact: Diana Brooks

        Three Rivers Depression Era Glass Society

        Tidewater Depression Glass Club - Virginia Beach, VA Contact:Doug Mills
        Valley Glasshoppers, Winchester VA

        Western Reserve Depression Glass Club - Broadview Heights, OH (440) 439-2969

        Wichita Glass Gazers

Early American Glass Club - 2204 East 27th Street, Tulsa OK

Early American Pattern Glass Society

Fairy Lamp Collectors Club


        Fenton Art Glass Collectors of America
        Fenton Fanatics

        Fenton Finders of Greater Kansas City

        Fenton Finders of Puget Sound (WA)

        Georgia Fenton Glass Collectors        

        National Fenton Glass Society

        Pacific Northwest Fenton Association


        Fostoria Glass Society of America

        Fostoria Glass Socety of North Texas - Contact: Ralph Rider

        Fostoria Glass Society of Tennessee

        Fostoria Ohio Glass Association

Glass & China Collectors of Bakersfield CA - Contact: Barbara Fields (661) 399-1140


        International Society of Glass Beadmakers

        3 Rivers Glass Beadmakers - SW PA Chapter ISGB

        Boston Chapter - ISGB

        Frederick Hot Glass Society

        Houston Society of Glass Beadmakers

        Mid-Atlantic Chapter - ISGB     


        Heisey Collectors of America, Inc.

        Bay State Heisey Collectors Club - Bedford, MA Contact: Stephen Pescatore

        Buckeye Heisey Collectors Club - Newark, OH Contact: Michael Maher

        Dairyland Heisey Club - Contact: Ray K. Courtnage (414) 962-9747

        Dayton Heisey Collectors Club - OH, Contact: Joe Harner

        Gold Gate Heisey Collectors Club - Northern CA, Contact: Russ Nicholas (916)) 515-8558

        Great Plains Heisey Club

        Gulf Coast Heisey Club of Florida - Contact: Jack Grenzebach (727) 391-5784

        Heisey Heritage Society - NJ,PA,DE  Contact: Craig Kratochvil

        Heisey Club of California

        Heisey Collectors Club of Michigan - Contact: Sue Kilgore

        Heisey Collectors of Texas

        National Capitol Heisey Collectors Club

        North Carolina Heisey Study Group

        Northwest Heisey Collectors - Contact: Deborah de Jong

        Northwoods Heisey Club of Minnesota - Contact: Bob Heise

        Oregon Trail Heisey Club - Contact: Jim Cooke (503) 645-3385

        Tri-State Heisey Study Club - OH, IN, MI Contact: Mike Maxwell

H.C. Fry Glass Society       

Historical Glass Club of Pittsburgh

Historical Lighting Society of Canada


        Big 'I' Bellaire, OH - Contact: Nancy Stonebraker

        Candlewick Collectors Club of Florida - Contact: Jerry Hoskins

        Candlewick Collectors Club of Northern New England - Contact: Debbie Clement (207) 929-3061
        Fox Valley & N. Illinois Candlewick Collectors/Imperial Enthusiasts - Contact: Jackie Norland

        Georgia Candlewick Collectors Club - Contact: Terry Elliss

        Greater Phoenix Candlewick/Imperial Enthusiasts - Contact: Dorothy Rucker

        Iowa Candlewick Club - Contact: Diana Harness

        Maryland Imperial/Candlewick Group - Contact: Cynthia Pyle   

        Michiana Candlewick Collectors Club   

        National Imperial Glass Collectors Society    

        New England Imperial Study Group (NH) - Contact: Mike Wilson  

        Pennsylvania Candlewick Club - Contact:   Don Leninger

        Texas Regional Imperial Glass Collectors 

Indiana Glass Society

International Guild of Glass Artists

International Perfume Bottle Association

    International Perfume Bottle Association - UK Chapter
Jelly Jammers - American Jelly Jar Collectors

Lotton Glass Collector's Club


        Badger marble Club (WI)        

        Buckeye Marble Collectors Club

        Indiana Marble Club

        International Association of Marble Collectors        

        Joe Marbles - Marble Collectors Site

        Kansas City Marble Collectors Club

        Nutmeg State Marble Collectors Club

        Texas Marble Collectors, Inc.

        West Virginia Marble Collectors Club

Mt. Washington & Pairpoint Glass Society

National American Glass Club

National Duncan Glass Society

National Greentown Glass Association

National Milk Glass Collectors Society

National Reamer Collectors Association

National Toothpick Holder Collectors Society

National Westmoreland Glass Collectors Club

    Westmoreland Glass Society

Night Light Miniature Oil Lamp Club

Old Morgantown Glass Collectors Guild

Open Salts Collectors

Paden City Glass Collectors Guild (NJ) - Information

    Paden City Glass Society (WV) - Information


        International Paperweight Society        

        Paperweight Collectors Association, Inc.

        MD-DC_VA Paperweight Collectors Association

        New England Paperweight Collectors Association

        Paperweight Collectors Association - Venezuela

        Paperweight Collectors Association of Ontario

        Paperweight Collectors Association of Texas

Phoenix and Consolidated Glass Collectors Club

Rose Bowl Collectors Group

Stained Glass Association of America

Stretch Glass Society

The Glass Association, UK

The Glass Circle, London UK

Tiffin Glass Collectors Club

Vaseline Glass Collectors, Inc.

Wave Crest Collectors Club

West Michigan Glass Club

Whimsey Glass Club

Ysart Glass Collectors - for collectors of Monart, Vasart, Strathearn, Paul Ysart and related makers